The Flash Movie Villain May Have Been Revealed

We're just a matter of months away from the long-awaited release of The Flash movie, which will finally bring Barry Allen / The Flash's (Ezra Miller) solo story onto the big screen. There's already been a lot of speculation surrounding the DC Comics-inspired film, even before footage from it began to debut at last year's DC FanDome virtual convention. A new social media post from a member of the film's crew might have added to that speculation, showcasing a piece of merchandise that might have teased the saga's antagonist.

The t-shirt, which was shared on Instagram by stunt performer Shane Steyn, shows silhouettes of Michael Keaton's Batman, Sasha Calle's Supergirl, and a version of The Flash who appears to have ominous-looking shapes coming from his hands and legs. This has led some to wonder if the t-shirt could be hinting at one of the alternate evil versions of The Flash, whether that be Black Flash or Reverse Flash.

Given the fact that we already know an alternate version of Barry Allen (portrayed by Miller) will be appearing in the film, and will be sporting a superhero suit that combines the motifs of The Flash and Batman. It certainly stands to reason that this t-shirt could be referencing that alternate version of Barry, regardless of whether or not he actually assumes another comic-accurate mantle in the comics, could be compelling. Last year, Miller also teased that The Flash film might not actually have "any villains" in a traditional sense.

"In one way, I'd say there's a few villains, or so-called villains, who are in our movie. And then in another way, I'd say there aren't any villains in a way that might be part of the exploration and message of the movie," Miller explained during DC FanDome in October of 2021. "I'm going to say those things because together they make no sense, and it leaves it all kind of cryptic and mysterious. Which is good for a villain to have an air of mystery that surrounds them — until they pop out!"

It's been clear that The Flash will draw inspiration from the Flashpoint comic event, which saw Barry accidentally creating a dark alternate reality after going back in time to prevent his mother's murder. This brought Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash — Barry's nemesis from the future, who was responsible for his mother's murder — into the fold, only for him to reveal that Barry was the true "villain" behind the alternate reality. Changing Reverse-Flash's role in the original comic to another version of Barry himself — a version who could very well end up being characterized a lot like Eobard — significantly puts the emotional onus of the story on The Flash as a character, and also leans into the novelty of seeing alternate versions of the same character (which we know we're already getting in the film with Batman). It also would clearly differentiate the film's events from how The Flash TV series handled Flashpoint, with a seasons-long, still-ongoing beef between that show's version of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh).

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The Flash will be released in theaters on November 4th.