'The Flash' Recap with Spoilers: Central City Is on the Brink of Chaos in "Gone Rogue"

(Photo: The CW)

Will Barry forgive Nora? How's Caitlin dealing with her big loss? Here's what happened on "Gone Rogue," the most recent episode of The Flash. Heads up, full spoilers ahead!

Nora arrives back in Central City and we see that she's assembling a team of previous Arrowverse villains including Ragdoll, Weather Witch, and Bug-Eyed Bandit to steal an item from STAR Labs. Before long, she trips an alert in the STAR Lab archives, alerting Barry to her presence. He tries to talk her down from but she attacks him and gets away. We see the other three track down and kidnap Cisco and Sherloque, taking them to their new hideout. Nora has stolen Spencer Young's phone from STAR Labs, something she's trying to get her captives to help unlock.

Barry and Iris continue their fight from last week over the treatment of Nora, with the latter trying to convince the former that maybe Thawne is trying to redeem himself by helping advise Nora on how to take down Cicada. Later on, Joe tells Barry he trusts Nora as well.

After forcing Cisco and Sherloque to reprogram the phone, Nora and her friends use it to break into the vault at McCulloch Industries, in pursuit of power-dampening technology. Once they break in, Weather Witch and Queen Bee, as she goes by now, flip sides and turn on Nora — as they want Barry to reveal his secret identity to the world.

Barry and the rest of Team Flash manage to sneak their way into the facility and help Nora take down her former acquaintances. It's here Barry finally apologizes to Nora. After the team and family reconvene at STAR Labs, Nora reveals she wanted to steal a piece of technology that would reduce Cicada's dagger to nothing and Barry agrees with the plan. After Cisco and Sherloque test the tech, they realize Cicada's plans — she's hoping to kill every metahuman within the city.

Elsewhere, an alert goes off at Caitlin's father's labs — Cicada has tripped something there. She and Ralph go to investigate.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW starting at 8/7 p.m. Central.



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