The Flash Recap With Spoilers: Attack on Gorilla City

This week's episode starts off with the Earth-2 Harrison Wells running through the woods and trips [...]

This week's episode starts off with the Earth-2 Harrison Wells running through the woods and trips on a stray log before seemingly being taken by a gorilla.

Back at STAR Labs, Jesse Quick is seen answering the questions Team Flash is asking, it's here she reveals there's a city on Earth-2 deep in the jungle run entirely by gorillas. Jesse sees HR Wells and mistakes him for her father and an awkward moment ensues when the group reveals her father is really still missing.

In the next shot, Barry is seen explaining to the group that one of the headlines from the future has to do with a city still healing from a gorilla attack and shares his thoughts that Gorilla City is the city they're talking about. Barry begins assembling a team that includes Cisco, Caitlin, and Julian before they vibe to Earth-2.

Jesse mentions that she wants to go but Barry convinces her to stay on Earth-1 to help Wall after the later reveals to Jesse that he's a speedster.

Cisco vibes the group to Earth-2 and they wander around a mere second before looking up and seeing a temple with an enormous stone gorilla on top.

Back at STAR Labs, Wally and Jesse share a tense moment which leaves Wally a bit frazzled and upset. Iris and Joe's phones start beeping as they're alerted to a bank robbery, one which is quickly soon stopped by Wally and Jesse, the two remaining speedsters on Earth-1.

We see the group back on Earth-2 as they're tracking of Wells' wristbands. As they near the location of the wristband, each member of the group is quickly shot by a dart, which knocks them out. The scene ends with Grodd jumping into view.

The members of the team quickly wake up and realize they've be incarcerated. Barry tries phasing out of his call and Cisco tries creating a breaching but both attempts fall short, as they realize Grodd is dampening their powers.

Earth-2 Wells descends a staircase and comes into view of the incarcerated Team Flash members and it's clear that Grodd has total control over Wells' body and is using the body to talk. Through Wells, Grodd tells the Team that they need to stop Solovar from taking over Earth-1. Grodd then himself appears and gives them an ultimatum — either they kill Solovar or have their world destroyed.

Back on Earth-1, Wally approaches Jesse and asks her to stay on the same earth as him. It's then Jesse reveals that she thinks Wally is more complete without her, especially now that he has access to the speed force.

In Gorilla City, Solovar appears by the characters in their jail cells and it's determined that Solovar and Barry will have a fight to the death in the Gorilla City arena. An epic battle ensues where it seems as if Solovar has the upper hand until Barry attempts to phase his hand, a process that only knocks the gorilla leader out. Barry then mentions to the entire populace that's in the arena that he won't kill Solovar and Grodd orders Barry back to jail.

Grodd takes over Wells' body again and reveals that Solovar was never going to invade Earth-1, rather he wanted Barry to take out Solovar to show the gorilla population that he is a weak leader. Grodd, through Wells, orders Cisco to open a breach so that Gorilla City can begin invading Earth-1. The catatonic Wells finally wakes up and the group begins brainstorming of ideas and Cisco mentions the idea that if he were dead, there'd be no way for the gorillas to go between earths and Barry confirms — someone must die.

At STAR Labs, HR Wells and Jesse share a quick heart to heart moment where Jesse reveals she's been thinking more about Wally and the two embrace.

They show a blue-faced Barry laying on the floor of his cell and Caitlin begins crying, saying that his kidneys must have failed. Grodd comes in and drags Barry out of his cell and throws him on a pile of bones and walks away. Once clear, Barry begins phasing out of he frozen state Caitlin has left him in and Barry goes on to free the others from their cells.

Barry speeds the group away from their cells into the middle of the jungle where Cisco has enough of his powers back to vibe the group out of danger.

The group is back in the basement of STAR Labs where a hilarious encounter between the two Wells takes place where HR Wells reveals that he's a fraud to the other Wells'.

Earth-2 Wells is seen resting and Jesse mentions to Wally that when her father wakes, she's going to tell him that she wants to move to Earth-1 and the two kiss right as HR Wells walks in the room and stops them.

Outside, Julian and Caitlin begin talking about her powers and to help the latter more comfortable, Julian invites her out to a steakhouse for a date.

Barry and Iris talk about the future and Barry tells Iris that he plans on living a long healthy life with her. The episode ends as Grodd is seen talking to the Gorilla City armor in battle formation. Gypsy can be seen, presumably under mind control, and Grodd tells her that she'll be the oe to open up the portal between earths.

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