'The Flash' Takes Flight in "Null and Annoyed" Preview

The CW has released a new promo for 'Null and Annoyed', the upcoming seventeenth episode of The [...]

The CW has released a new promo for "Null and Annoyed", the upcoming seventeenth episode of The Flash's fourth season.

The episode will see Team Flash trying to track down the Arrowverse's version of Null, a jewel thief who was granted the power to manipulate gravity as part of Clifford DeVoe's "bus meta" experiment. As the promo shows, this will bode kind of awkwardly for Barry, leading to plenty of hijinks involving him and other characters floating in the air.

"Null and Annoyed" is sure to be a special one for The Flash viewers, especially with fan-favorite director Kevin Smith helming the episode. While Smith has directed several standout episodes of The Flash in previous seasons, it sounds like this one will be a different kind of fun.

"I was working on Flash for the last month." Smith explained during a recent episode of his Fatman on Batman podcast. "It was fun, we had a really nice time. It's a good, funny episode. People are going to see it and be like 'You f*cking jumped the shark with this.' But it's very funny. There's some witty sh*t, and there's some visual jokes."

"Null and Annoyed" will also be something special for Smith, as he and his frequent collaborator Jason Mewes will actually appear in the episode itself.

"Honestly, I did not want to do it, because I knew it required that I wear pants." Smith revealed. "Like, there's only so far in the world that I can take [my usual] outfit, and believe me, I've stretched it to its limit. ...But I knew if I was playing a part, where I wasn't being me, I had to be the security guard. I couldn't be the security guard in jorts. They probably would cut that. So I knew I'd have to wear an outfit and sh*t, which included pants. So I was like 'Oh f*ck, I don't wanna do it.' But I knew if I said no, I'd never hear the end of it from [Jay]. Cause he'd go 'We had a chance to be on a f*cking Flash together, and you didn't f*cking take it!' So I said 'Alright, we'll do it.'"

"And they suited us up like security guards." Smith added. "And for the first time, I think since my father died, I wore dress pants. So we shot a scene, Jason and I, where we play two security guards in The Flash. And it's not Jay and Silent Bob, but Jason speaks and I don't. So there you go."

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. "Null and Annoyed" will air on April 10th.


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