Citizen Cold Comes to 'The Flash' in "Fury Rogue" Preview

The CW has released a promo for 'Fury Rogue', the upcoming nineteenth episode of The Flash's [...]

The CW has released a promo for "Fury Rogue", the upcoming nineteenth episode of The Flash's fourth season.

The episode will see Team Flash trying to transport Brainstorm, one of the last remaining "Bus Metas", out of the grasp of Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker (Neil Sandilands). And following the tragic ending of tonight's episode, it looks like the team will rely on a somewhat-familiar face for help -- Leo Snart/Citizen Cold (Wentworth Miller).

As Arrowverse fans will remember, The Earth-1 version of Snart was killed after he sacrificed himself during the first season of Legends of Tomorrow. His Earth-X doppelganger first appeared during the "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover event, then came to Legends for a few episodes before returning home. And while fans had expected Miller's tenure to be done, it looks like those on The Flash were optimistic about his potential return.

"First of all, I hope he comes back." Gustin told reporters during a set visit in December. "Because I remember when it was like, they killed off Wentworth a while back when he was a Legend, and then he was back and I worked with him a couple times. So I'll just keep my fingers crossed that I get to work with him again."

"And also the fans love those two characters together." Gustin added. "We always talk about when we act together. We're like, 'Man, I love these scenes.' They're different than anything else that the two of us do together on our show. There's all kinds of dynamics there. They started as enemies, and they came to respect each other and I think they came to care about each other even. But there's trust issues there, probably on both sides. There's a lot going on. There's probably more going on with that relationship than almost any other Barry relationship."

You can view the official synopsis for "Fury Rogue" below.

When Barry (Grant Gustin) needs help transporting a dangerous meta, he calls on a new friend for help – Leo Snart AKA Citizen Cold (guest star Wentworth Miller). Meanwhile, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) becomes suspicious of Harry (Tom Cavanagh).

Rachel Talalay directed the episode. "Fury Rogue" was written by Jeff Hersh & Joshua V. Gilbert.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. "Fury Rogue" debuts on April 24.