The Flash: Showrunner Eric Wallace Teases Impact of Robbie Amell's Return

This season on The Flash has seen some major changes for Central City's heroes. Not only has Barry Allen/The Flash "leveled up" with his powers, but Team Flash has seen some shifts in their personal lives as well. Allegra (Kayla Compton) and Chester (Brandon McKnight) have a budding relationship while Frost (Danielle Panabaker) has embarked on a relationship of her own with Mark Blaine/Chillblaine (Jon Cor). Caitlin (Panabaker) has also started dating again, but her return to the dating scene may end up being very complicated due to an unexpected return. It was previously confirmed that Robbie Amell, who played Ronnie Raymond in Season 1 of The Flash, would return sometime this season and according to series showrunner Eric Wallace, the return of Caitlin's dead husband is part of a "complicated journey".

"It does. It does definitely because what's more inconvenient as you're starting to date than to have your ex-husband show up? I mean part of that's actually very funny. It's comedic. I'm not saying it's the funniest storyline, so please don't get me wrong, because it's not. It's obviously very dramatic and intense, but it isn't a coincidence that she starts to date and Robbie Amell is guesting on our show," Wallace told Entertainment Weekly. "It's part of the complicated journey that she's going to go on to really kind of find out who she is at her core, because that's what we want to ask this season. Who is Caitlin? Oh, she's a doctor. Well, does that really define her? Okay, she's a member of Team Flash, but does that really define her? Who is she really? That's what we'll get to know in the middle of Season 8."

Amell himself recently indicated that most of his appearance on The Flash this season would be with Caitlin — or at least one of the two characters played by Panabaker.

"It was really nice to be back," Amell told TV Line. "Most of my stuff is with Danielle and it was great to see her. We both have kids now, so it was really great to just catch up. And obviously, I have some stuff with Grant… It was really great to get to go back and kind of do something fun, which you'll see."

The Flash airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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