'The Flash's' Tom Cavanagh Found a Way to Hack the Show

Harrison Wells may be a scientific genius on The Flash, but it turns out that Tom Cavanagh is a [...]

Harrison Wells may be a scientific genius on The Flash, but it turns out that Tom Cavanagh is a genius of sorts himself.

The Flash actor took to Instagram to share a short video revealing that he had discovered something that would "change the whole shooting of the show." It was a pretty exciting discovery, as you can see in the post below.

That's right, Cavanagh, along with Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) had a bit of fun pretending that they had discovered a "mute button" that they could use on Gustin to silence him at will. In the video, Cavanagh humorously hits a button on a keyboard and, exactly in sync, Gustin goes from talking to simply mouthing his words as though the button really turned off the volume to his voice in what appeared to be the actors just having a little bit of fun on set.

However, for those watching the clip carefully, there are some interesting details that have nothing to do with Gustin being silenced. In the clip Gustin is clean-shaven, dressed in street clothes, and very clearly on the STAR Labs set. This seems to indicate that, whatever episode they are shooting Barry is no longer behind bars in Iron Heights. And we might have some idea of what episode it is. Last week, Kevin Smith shared a photo on his Twitter account of the script for the untitled upcoming episode 17. Smith is directing the episode and while he didn't give any information away and there were a pair of metahuman cuffs in the image as well, the timing of both Smith's and Cavanagh's posts could be a clue that Barry will be getting out of prison soon, possibly even in that very episode.

Of course, there's quite a few episodes between now and episode 17 and, from the looks of next week's "True Colors," Barry will have to deal with the fallout of his helping Big Sir (Bill Goldberg) this week. Warden Wolfe has kidnapped Barry and is selling him off to Amunet Black/The Blacksmith (Katee Sackhoff) and that can't be a good situation. The last time we saw Amunet sell a metahuman, it was to The Thinker, leading to Barry ending up in prison for his murder.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.