The Flash: Tom Felton Describes His Character's Relationship To Barry Allen

Tom Felton Flash

Barry's world is being turned upside down this season in the new Flashpoint-centric storyline for The Flash season 3, and part of that change will be the introduction of a new character named Julian Dorn.

Julian will be played by actor Tom Felton (Harry Potter Franchise, Rise of the Planet of the Apes), and in a recent interview with SciFiNow, detailed the friction that exists between Dorn and Barry Allen.

"He's a forensic expert," Felton details, "so he treads on the toes of much of what Barry is good at. Hence they have a slightly abrasive relationship at first. I say abrasive, but I mean that – clearly because of the events of the season – none of the relationships that Barry has had with other cast members is the same."

Some of that initial animosity will come from Barry's confusion as to where people stand with him in this reworked world, something that happens as a result of his actions in the season 2 finale.

"He's not familiar with me, but I'm familiar with him, so it's an odd dynamic. It seems like a love/hate thing at first."

Felton was then asked if Dorn would be a change a pace for the actor, as he tends to specialize in characters that fans love to hate. His response to if Dorn would be more of a good guy was "Absolutely not," he laughs. "I would hope the opposite."

Earlier this year at San Diego Comic-Con, Felton was asked by's Russ Burlingame if Dorn was more than likely going to be a bad guy, and Felton referenced his earlier work there as well.

"I don't know. I mean...they came to me for a reason. I'm not sure what that reason is yet. I know there's going to be some serious material to sink my teeth into at some point. Like you said I think he's suspicious of Barry's position."


"I also think he's as smart as Barry. At least in the forensic world, Barry's not used to having a mind as sharp as his around -- and he has a smug air of superiority, I think, over Barry. So, hey, it lends itself to many different choices and many different storylines. It's not really worth speculating because I'm sure the writers have something much cooler in mind."

The Flash returns to the CW on October 4th.