'The Flash': Who is the Weather Witch?

Tonight on The Flash, fans will meet Weather Witch (Reina Hardesty), who has her father, Weather Wizard (Liam McIntyre), in her sights.

It is another chance for The Flash to juxtapose Nora's complicated feelings about her parents with those of other characters, including Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), who faced off with her father, Icicle, last episode.

This has also given Barry the opportunity to explore some of his own family issues, which have informed his character since the pilot.

In the comics, Weather Witch was a minor footnote in the Flash legacy, first appearing in early 2008 and being killed off six months later.

On TV, her name (Jocelyn) is a play on Weather Wizard's son from the comics, Joshua Jackam, who was a baby born with powers and then killed by Kid Zoom during the events of Rogues' Revenge.

Per the DC Wiki, Weather Witch was a former prostitute from Gotham City, transformed by the Penguin into a member of the New Rogues. A machiavellian supervillain named Libra sent her after the Weather Wizard (to whom she was not related in the source material). She was not very skilled with her Weather Wand, and Weather Wizard easily killed her with a lightning bolt.

One would assume that, given the focus on family as a theme this season, it is unlikely we will see a character killed by her father -- even if she is trying t kill him. Having a daughter would feel particularly important to Weather Wizard, whose brother was the original Weather Wizard and who sought to avenge his death, which took place in the series pilot.

The New Rogues as a whole is a concept we have talked about before; while a new generation of villains using the same gimmicks and names as some of The Flash's classic foes has given The Flash the opportunity to introduce different (and often more diverse) takes on characters, their impact on the comics was so minimal that they are often introduced in name only. This allows the writers to reshape the characters to suit the needs of the story.


Seeing as the show has teased the possibility of doing a younger version of the Rogues, it will be interesting to see exactly what Weather Witch's role in things is.

The Flash airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, before episodes of Black Lightning on The CW.