The LEGO Movie 2 Director Wants to Do a Marvel and DC Crossover or Plastic Man Movie

Director Mike Mitchell put his own unique stamp on the DC Comics world earlier this year, with the array of characters that appeared in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. As he revealed in a recent interview with ComicBookMovie, he wouldn't be opposed to taking on another superhero venture. During the interview, Mitchell spoke about his love for the superhero world, and his wish to see - and possibly be involved with - a crossover film between Marvel and DC.

"Oh yeah, I love superheroes." Mitchell revealed. "I did a superhero film years ago, Sky High, and I'm such a fan. It would be great to see a DC and Marvel character in the same film...that would be fantastic. Maybe just cram them all together into one ultimate film! I'm sure it's gonna happen at some point but I couldn't be more happy to work on something like that. It would be fantastic!"

Mitchell also revealed that he'd be willing to direct an adaptation of Plastic Man, which has been in development since late last year.

"Plastic Man!" Mitchell added. "They need to make that guy someday. I don't even know if he's DC or Marvel... Yeah! 'Mike Mitchell, his next film is Plastic Man for DC!' [Laughs]"

The script for Plastic Man is being written by Amanda Idoko (Breaking News in Yuba County), with the goal of creating a "comedic action-adventure" for the character. This reignited certain fan-casts for the character, including Parks and Recreation alum Ben Schwartz.

"If you look at the original Plastic Man, he's a thief, he gets these superpowers, and then he uses his connections with being in the crooked world to aid the police," Schwartz told at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

"But in my head, how much fun if he was a thief, got superpowers, and was like, 'Screw it, I want to keep being crooked.'" Schwartz added. "But he's also, if you look at the cartoons or the other iterations of him, he's funny! He's so funny. And I think what Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller did with Deadpool, you could have a funny superhero in DC. Shazam! just did it and I think it's gonna be great. That's it, I just love that character a lot. I think I'd get to be goofy if I ever got the chance to do it."


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