The Suicide Squad: James Gunn Reacts to Movie’s Rotten Tomatoes Score

The Suicide Squad is finally hitting theatres and HBO Max on Friday, and the early reviews for the [...]

The Suicide Squad is finally hitting theatres and HBO Max on Friday, and the early reviews for the DC movie have been exceptional. Currently, the movie is up on Rotten Tomatoes with a 96% critics score.'s own Jenna Anderson gave the movie a 5 out of 5 and called it "the exhilarating and emotional blockbuster that DC deserves." Many of the film's cast and crew have been reacting to the positive reviews, including director James Gunn. In fact, Gunn took to Twitter today to share the movie's Rotten Tomatoes score.

"With 97% on the Tomatometer #TheSuicideSquad is Certified Fresh a week before US release, a first for me," Gunn wrote. You can check out his post below:

The Suicide Squad features a star-studded line-up of DCEU newcomers ranging from John Cena (Peacemaker) to Idris Elba (Bloodsport) as well as some returning stars from the 2016 Suicide Squad. Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Viola Davis (Amanda Waller), Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flagg), and Jai Courtney (Captain Boomerang) will all be featured in the film. Despite their return, Gunn has said you don't need to see the first movie to understand his new one. Recently, Courtney spoke with and explained some differences between The Suicide Squad and the 2016 movie.

"Well, weirdly, there's probably less nudity on the set of this film than there was on the last one. But what was captured on camera was certainly a little more adult. [James Gunn] was really able to push the envelope with the violence and the humor, but also the heart and the soul. And I think that's what he's done so well with this. We really get to the human core that a lot of these characters possess. And that's what gives us the gateway into them. It's the way we can connect with them. And I think that's why, despite the spectacle and all the amazing stunt work and visual stuff that audiences are going to have hitting them in the face, there's this sort of beautiful central emotional core of the film. And I think it's going to be quite moving. Fans are going to love it. I can't wait to push it out there into the world," Courtney shared.

The Suicide Squad is set to be released both in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6th.