The Suicide Squad: Steve Agee Details King Shark Mocap Work

The Suicide Squad is finally hitting theatres and HBO Max next week and will feature many [...]

The Suicide Squad is finally hitting theatres and HBO Max next week and will feature many character debuts for the DCEU. Fans are especially excited to see King Shark in action, who is being voiced by Sylvester Stallone. However, Stallone did not play the role on set. Steve Agee, who portrays John Economos in the new movie, served as the on-set reference for the character, much like Sean Gunn does with Rocket in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Back when The Suicide Squad was filming,'s Brandon Davis paid a visit to the set and spoke with Agee and his co-star, David Dastmalchian (Polka-Dot Man), and they talked about Agee's work as King Shark.

"I'm doing what Sean Gunn did for Rocket, is doing the motion capture," Agee explained. "But it's really easy. I come in and we run the scene with me and my weird suit and headpiece, and then I get to go sit down, and they keep redoing the same where they're going to digitally put-"

Dastmalchian chimed in, "We always do it once with, once without, once with, once without. And if you guys are followed, and I'm sure all of you know and are familiar with how much Sean has brought to the Rocket character, what's really fun is ... Because Steve is a great actor all across the board, but he's also just a brilliant comedian and improviser, so what's fun is when we're shooting ... I'll allow it. I put a pillow here. It was a very early casting decision because he knew that-"

"I was tall," Agee added. "He needed somebody tall. Like, literally needed somebody tall."

"He needed someone tall. But to have somebody there to ... Because that character is such an important part of things that are going to be happening with this plot," Dastmalchian replied. "And so it's been really fun. And that's another thing for me personally. The stakes involved in this are really high because of the property, the comic book, et cetera. But I do feel every day, like I'm going to work like we're back at my house because Steve is a part of our family. It's just weird that we're now getting to be a part of a movie together because we hang out almost every day back in LA and in our real lives. And my kids, he's like an uncle to them. And so that's really fun."

After The Suicide Squad trailer dropped in March, Gunn answered some fan questions about the movie on social media and revealed why King Shark was changed from a hammerhead to a great white. "I did tests with the hammerhead design, which I love & originally thought I'd use. But having eyes on the sides far apart made it incredibly awkward shooting interactions with other people. You couldn't really see him looking at the other person & the shots tended to be too wide," Gunn explained.

The Suicide Squad is currently scheduled to hit theaters and HBO Max on August 6th.