This Fan-Made Robin Costume From Batman V Superman Is Amazing

Holy smokes! If you’re curious to see what a fan-made cosplay looks like when it’s done well, [...]

Holy smokes! If you're curious to see what a fan-made cosplay looks like when it's done well, then you've come to the right place. After seeing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Stevie Dee decided to take his love for Robin to the whole new level by creating one amazing costume.

The UK native began working on his Robin cosplay a few months ago following the release of Batman v Superman. The costumer was inspired by the brief glimpse fans got of Robin's weathered suit in the film even if the character himself never appeared. Starting from scratch, Stevie began sourcing and crafting the various intricate pieces of his cosplay to share with his Instagram followers. And, not long ago, Stevie posted a photo of his complete cosplay that left fans stunned.

robin batman v superman cosplay

The sculpted costume looks remarkably similar to the suit shown in Batman v Superman - well, except that it isn't littered with The Joker's haunting graffiti. The deep red-and-black coloring of the suit is canon compliant to Robin's infamous ensemble, and the cosplay even sports a worn utility belt that looks like it's taken a beating. A metal litter embellishment can be seen on the suit's right breast, and according to Stevie, the cosplay houses a neck piece featuring piping and leather padding.

And, of course, no cosplay would be complete without a character's signature weapon. Stevie even created Robin's spear that's seen tucked away in a display case during Batman v Superman.

Stevie, who has been costuming for three years now, has suited up as several other iconic DC Comics characters. He's created impeccable cosplays for Batman, Red Hood, and Black Mask which can all be seen on his Instagram. And, coincidentally, the costumer is working on a new cosplay for Deathstroke. Given that the mercenary is now confirmed to be joining the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), the timing of Stevie's project couldn't be better.

For fans of Robin, this fan-made cosplay is surely one to celebrate. The meticulous creation gives fans a better look at what kind of suit Robin was sporting before his death in the DCEU. As many already know, Jason Todd was the iteration of Robin who was killed by The Joker and Harley Quinn prior to Batman v Superman. Gotham's famous vigilante keeps his sidekick's suit in the Bat Cave as a reminder of his failures and the price of crime-fighting.

Stevie isn't the only fans who's been getting attention for his cosplay pursuits. As the hobby grows, more people are starting to produce hyper-realistic costumes for characters in film, television, or video games. For instance, Julian Checkley recently found himself gifted with a Guinness World Record for having the most functional props housed in a cosplay.