Raven's Powers Revealed in New 'Titans' Clip

In preparation for the premiere DC Comics' first live-action series on the new streaming service, fans have been getting new looks at the superheroes of Titans.

The grim-'n-gritty take on the Teen Titans will revolve around the mystery of Raven, who has a mysterious connection to Dick Grayson and knows about his origin as Batman's sidekick Robin. Some fans are curious to see how the show will approach her vast set of powers, and now we have an idea in this new clip from Titans.

"My mom says there's no such thing as monsters. I think she's wrong," says the young Rachel Roth, before she screams and is overcome by a force that turns her eyeballs black and makes her skin appear like cracking porcelain. "When I feel the darkness come out, it feels good."

It sounds like Raven and her origin will be the focal point of the series, so don't be surprised if Trigon or Brother Blood turn out to be major villains when Titans reaches the end game.

But that doesn't mean the other characters won't get their time in the spotlight.

We've already seen a clip that teases Starfire's origin, and one that shows Beast Boy's transformations will be inspired by classic body horror effects.

We also know that Robin's abandonment of Batman will play a major role, even if the Caped Crusader doesn't appear in Titans. Dick Grayson actor Brenton Thwaites addressed Batman's absence, revealing that was a major factor for the show including that now classic line that had fans buzzing: "F*ck Batman."

"It's a show that isn't about Batman, and I think it's important for people to know that and maybe not be disappointed that they're not going to see Batman jumping from the ceiling and beating up a hundred guys, because it's not Batman," Thwaites said to EW, "it's a story about the Titans, essentially. I feel like 'F*ck Batman' says that in two words."

The actor revealed that the infamous line was not part of the original production, and that they added it in during reshoots.

"We'd already shot that alley fight scene before, and there was no punch to it," Thwaites said. "There was no real exclamation mark. I think the producers wanted something that would kind of set the tone for the whole show."


Fans will get to see how the team of young heroes comes together when Titans premieres on DC Universe on October 12th.