'Titans' Season Finale Reveals First Look at Batman Villains Ventriloquist and Scarface

The season finale of Titans is blowing the doors open on DC Universe, bringing in Batman for the [...]

The season finale of Titans is blowing the doors open on DC Universe, bringing in Batman for the first time as he becomes unhinged, forcing former sidekick Dick Grayson to return to Gotham in an attempt to stop him.

With Batman on a killing spree, taking out his greatest enemies one by one, the former Robin has to set things right. New photos from the episode reveal Grayson exploring a crime scene at Arkham Asylum, giving fans their first look at the Ventriloquist and Scarface in live-action.

Unfortunately, they're both dead.

(Photo: Titans / DC Universe)

The preview for the season finale of Titans has flexed its ties to the greater DC Universe, dropping names like Jim Gordon, the Joker, and Batman. The series has already introduced other superheroes including Jason Todd's Robin, Wonder Girl, Hawk and Dove, and the Doom Patrol.

It remains to be seen if these characters will continue to play a role in the show moving forward, or if Titans will continue to focus on the core Teen Titans members in the second season.

Jason Todd actor Curran Walters is returning in the new episode, and previously told ComicBook.com that he would love to explore his character's tragic storylines in the future.

"You know what man, I would just love to show the fans the full Jason Todd storyline, but yeah, like you said, you see a roughness [in] Jason... almost sort of a big chip on his shoulder," said Walters. "And you see him transform in the next episode between that fun cocky Jason Todd at the end and then you see him get pretty gnarly, and you know we'll see where his character goes, but I would love to have the comic book fans have what they want."

Donna Troy continues to play a major role in the series after her debut a few weeks ago, and the character doesn't look to be going anywhere. Actress Conor Leslie told us that fans would see more of her Wonder Girl persona coming out in the final episodes.

"I will say that you will definitely see Wonder Girl peek through," said Leslie. "You will see elements of her come out. We're seeing Donna in her photographer gear. Dick [Grayson] didn't show up and she wasn't wearing her suit all of the sudden. I think fans are going to want to know when we'll see little peeks of Wonder Girl, and we will see it in the next episode — and some of her accessories."

Robin's epic confrontation with Batman will come in the Titans season finale, premiering Friday, December 21st on DC Universe.