New 'Titans' Clip Released

Fans at New York Comic Con were able to see the first two episodes of Titans, but everyone else at home wasn't so lucky. But DC Universe is still providing new looks at the upcoming series before it premieres next week.

A brand new clip released on DC Daily shows Robin teaming up with Hawk and Dove as they take down some criminals in brutal fashion. Take a look above!

As we can see, Hawk isn't exactly itching to form a bird-based team of superheroes with Robin, but there might be something there between Dove and Batman's former sidekick. Is this the making of a love triangle inherent in any great superhero drama?

It looks like Hawk and Dove will play a big part of the series, though they might not be part of the titular team that consists of Robin, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy.

This is a big change for Robin, who has denounced his old mentor and left Gotham City behind.

"Dick Grayson is trying to leave that way of fighting crime." Brenton Thwaites told "He doesn't believe in… He learns and evolves in a way that Batman hasn't, mentally. And he kind of breaks away from fighting crime the way Batman does, because he doesn't believe it is right. And that's basically what we see in the first episode, is Dick Grayson trying to support himself and fight crime in a way that he believes is right, without Batman. And so those words, that line that we see, kinda gives us an idea of the tone that we're going for with the show."

Though other comic book characters will be appearing throughout the series, Titans will continue to focus on the core four. That said, fans can expect to see a flame from Dick Grayson's past who might make things even more complicated.

"Wonder Girl is spectacular, and exactly what you would imagine, you know?" Producer Akiva Goldsman said. "We're trying to… Hawk and Dove are in the second episode, we're trying to feather [our characters] out. It's not like everybody is in every episode. We are [doing] a little bit of moving through relationships, in order to form the team."

Don't be surprised if one major villain pops up, either. Now that Titans has been renewed for a second season, they could be setting up the entrance of Deathstroke.

"You'll see Deathstroke in Titans eventually, but it will be a new version," said Johns said at the DC Universe panel at New York Comic Con.


Fans will get to see how the Titans navigate the DC Universe when the series premieres on October 12th.