Titans: First Look at Joshua Orpin as Superboy Revealed

Fans of the DC Universe streaming service are eagerly awaiting the returns of Titans, which is shaping up to be a truly exciting event. Titans season 2 has wracked up an impressive list of DC characters who will make their debut in season 2 - and none is more anticipated than Superboy!

Actor Joshua Orpin was cast as Superboy soon after Titans season 1 ended with post-credits teaser for the character, and today we're getting our first look at how Orpin looks as Titans' version of Superboy:

As you can see, Orpin looks pretty much the spitting image of Conner Kent / Superboy from the classic Teen Titans comics, as well as the Young Justice animated series. Not that it's a hard outfit to pull off: A t-shirt and some blue pants is pretty much the sweet spot between staying loyal to the comics and creating a costume on a TV budget. A rare easy case where DC fans and show creators can both be satisfied, at low cost.

The Titans season 1 post-credits scene didn't just introduce the character of Superboy - the Superman clone escaped Project Cadmus and took none other than Krypto the Superdog with him. In addition to seeing Joshua Orpin in costume as Superboy, here, the actor recently also revealed what Krypto's "wardrobe" will look like in Titans season 2:

"Faster than a speeding rabbit... More powerful than a tennis ball... Able to leap onto the couch and steal your snack... #superdog #whosagoodboy #dcutitans" -- Joshua Orpin

In addition to Superboy and Krypto, Titans season 2 is also set to introduce the following characters (played by the following actors)


In addition to these new additions, we'll also see Dick Grayson get his Nightwing costume, as well as both Starfire and Donna Troy / Wondergirl getting new looks. Hawk and Dove will be back, and Jason Todd / Robin II actor Curran Walters has been upgraded to series regular.

That's already a setup for the Titans team to add members (Aqualad, Wondergirl); as well as some serious family dramas in the Batman and/or Deathstroke camps. In short: this might be the biggest "event" season in DC TV.

Titans season 2 is rumored to launch later this year or early 2020.