'Titans' Production Photos Reveal Maroni Crime Family Part of the TV Series

Warner Bros.' first live-action series for their DC-branded streaming service is making a lot of [...]

Warner Bros.' first live-action series for their DC-branded streaming service is making a lot of progress, as Titans seems to be embracing many of the best aspects that comic fans love.

And with Batman's former sidekick Robin playing a crucial roll in the series, it shouldn't come as a surprise that some major Gotham City antagonists will pop up at some point.

Photos of the talent trailers behind the scenes on Titans reveals that there are actors playing members of the Maroni crime family. The Maronis, like the Falcones, have had prominent roles in the comics as a group of mobsters vying for control of the Gotham City underworld.

In the comics, Sal Maroni and his underlings worked in Carmine Falcone's empire. They are also tied to the origin of Dick Grayson as Robin, as one paid thug Tony Zucco is responsible for murdering his parents. This drives Dick into becoming Batman's vigilante sidekick, seeking to bring the criminal to justice.

Even throughout the various reboots, Zucco has remained an integral part in Mary and John Grayson's deaths, leading to the creation of Robin.

Sal Maroni himself played a prominent role in The Dark Knight as played by Eric Roberts, taking over for Falcone as the de facto leader of organized crime in Gotham City. He is later killed by Harvey Dent after half of his face gets burnt off.

With the confirmation of the Maronis being involved, it seems like Titans will dwell heavily in Dick Grayson's past. Of course, with little known about the plot of the series at this point, we can only guess how much these mobsters will factor into the series' narrative.

We do know that the Doom Patrol are going to play a major role in the series, with one of the episodes even being titled after the cult-favorite team.

Heroes like Hawk and Dove will also play crucial roles on Titans. But other than that, little is known about the plot of the new series. Will it dwell in the gritty, crime-focused dramatics that made Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy so popular? Or will it be more in like with The CW's superhero shows like Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash?

Hopefully we find out more soon as the production for Titans continues to wind on.

There is no word yet on when we can expect Titans to premiere or when the DC-branded streaming service will debut.

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