Tom Taylor Returns for Injustice 2 Comic, Reveals Supergirl's Surprising Role

Tom Taylor is returning to the world he helped launch with Injustice 2, a new edition of the [...]


Tom Taylor is returning to the world he helped launch with Injustice 2, a new edition of the comicbook tie-in to the popular videogame franchise from NetherRealm. Launching alongside the game in 2017, the comic will ship weekly as a digital-first series once more. It will bridge the gap between the two games, meaning Taylor is writing both a sequel to the first game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and a prequel to Injustice 2.

"The comic begins as the last game ends. Superman is locked up, the world is in turmoil, and someone needs to rebuild it, and of course, that's Batman," Taylor told in an interview at San Diego Comic-Con. "So Batman wants to rebuild, but there's a power vacuum at the same time, so there are other forces who want to tear things down or reshape the world how they want. We have a big, epic story to tell in-between about reshaping it. Having essentially torn down that world, to rebuild it, is not a thing we've seen superheroes really do before. We saw Bruce Wayne do it maybe a little bit in things like 'No Man's Land,' helping rebuild Gotham, but this is on a much larger scale."

Of course, a story about rebuilding the world after an epic superhero war and years of tyranny under Superman doesn't' mean they'll just be publishing pages and pages of Batman building houses.

"It's mainly tea parties with fluffy toys," Taylor joked. "But honestly, you have characters that you already know about like Gorilla Grodd who want to tear things apart [further]. We have a really big opponent for Batman that no one's going to know about just yet – not one of the characters being announced today – and he's going to have to get a group of heroes to side with him and work against this person that's working against him. Every time he builds a building, someone knocks it down, and he's going to have to work with that."

While he couldn't talk about any unannounced characters, naturally, Taylor was already excited about some of the new ones that have been announced. In particular, he's doing something very new and different with Supergirl.

"Supergirl is one I'm really excited for. Her origin, how she's in the game, isn't really talked about, so it's up to us to establish that backstory," Taylor teased. He did loosen up a bit and revealed, "She's rocketing into the world at this point in time. She hasn't been in our world until this time, she's arriving now. And who she hooks up with is going to define where she goes. She's a huge part of it."

Of course, there are also Red Lanterns coming into the game now, but Taylor skipped right over the massive leader, Atrocitus, instead excited to write his little furry friend.

"I'm really excited to write someone like Dex-Starr. I'm looking forward to it! He's an angry cat!" Taylor said excitedly through laughter. "I'm there!"

While the Injustice world is difficult at times to explore, thanks to heroes fighting heroes and its tragic beginning, Taylor assures fans that there will still be hope, much like in the recently reborn DC Universe.

"I don't write stories without hope and without comedy. I think what people weren't expecting, they were expecting a sad, angst-y story constantly. I get bored out of my mind writing that. I need hope, I need laughter. There will still be moments of hope, moments of triumph, that will still be there in this world."

As for Taylor's own return after leaving the world of Injustice behind once before, he couldn't be happier, something that came across quite clearly as the writer talked.

"Honestly, I never wanted to leave this world. I had such a fun time on it; it's the most freedom I've ever had on a licensed book," Taylor said. "These are my heroes, that sadly I'm having to destroy; I get emotional, man! When I started Injustice I called my mum to let her know what I had to do. 'Mom, they want me to do this to Superman and Lois!'

"It's something I never wanted to leave, I had to leave it to go work on my own TV show The Deep. We're about to wrap a season of that and the offer came in, and I went, 'I'm there.' I read the game script, and it's great, and I'm really looking forward to building the story that leads to it again."