Tommy Wiseau Continues Campaign For The Joker Role

Never underestimate the determination of writer/director/actor/producer Tommy Wiseau, who has his sights set on joining the DC Comics universe by portraying The Joker in any way he can. The Room star recently shared a piece of fan art that depicted him as the horrifying villain.

The campaign originated following last week's announcement that Joaquin Phoenix was being eyed for the coveted role in director Todd Phillips' upcoming exploration of the character. When one fan suggested that Wiseau embody the maniacal villain, Wiseau expressed his interest and asked the director to send him a direct message.

This attempt to win the role might be unexpected and untraditional, but Wiseau has never done anything in a traditional way.

Wiseau attempted to break into Hollywood in the late '90s but, after facing one rejection after another, decided that he needed to make his own opportunities.

The budding actor decided he would write, direct, produce and star in his own film, a melodrama about friendship and infidelity, called "The Room." After months of production, actors quitting, frequent rewrites and clashes amongst crewmembers, the film was eventually released in 2003.

Rather than being lauded for its merits, the film became a cult classic for being "so bad it's good," gaining infamy around Hollywood as a trainwreck that needed to be seen to be believed.

One of the film's stars, Greg Sestero, wrote the book The Disaster Artist about the film's production, which was adapted into a feature film starring James Franco, finally allowing Wiseau to take the stage at the Golden Globe Awards.

Wiseau's eccentric behavior and sometimes manic appearance would certainly make him an interesting choice, while he may not have honed his acting abilities enough to hold his own against whoever plays Bruce Wayne in the upcoming film.


The upcoming film, which will be produced by Martin Scorsese, has no expected production start date. The film will be a standalone adventure with no connection to the DC Extended Universe, in which Jared Leto will reportedly retain the role.

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