Watch a Batman Vs. Deathstroke Fight Directed by Deadpool's Tim Miller

With Deathstroke and Batman on everyone's minds today thanks to a video posted by Ben Affleck that [...]

With Deathstroke and Batman on everyone's minds today thanks to a video posted by Ben Affleck that seems to show the villain on the set of Justice League, this is your friendly reminder that a (now) major Hollywood director once directed and produced a big, high-quality fight between the two.

In this CGI short film, Batman is still in his early years - the film was made to publicize Batman: Arkham Origins, a video game about the Bat's first major challenge, fighting back seven assassins in one long night, and his first big encounter with a certain clown prince of crime, the Joker. The seven assassins served as Batman's initial physical encounter and boss battles, while the Joker was his psychological challenge. The deadliest of those assassins was, of course, Deathstroke.

While the game's battle didn't exactly play out the same way as this cinematic imagining of it all, this does give us a very real idea of how exciting a Batman versus Deathstroke fight could be on the big screen. Produced by Blur Studio and directed by Tim Miller, who directed Deadpool with his studio working on the special effects for the film and producing the special all-CGI story reel that got the movie made in the first place, this fight is done with a cinematic eye. The talented team at Blur has played with Batman many times, for the various Arkham games, plus DC Universe Online, but there's not much better than watching two very evenly matched badasses punch, kick, and slash at each other. Whether that'll be Joe Manganiello fighting against Ben Affleck or maybe Julian Lewis Jones in the mask, or someone else entirely, it's sure to be a moment fans will talk about for years; and here's a preview of sorts ahead of that momentous occasion.

(Photo: Blur Studio / WBIE)

Now, despite him working regularly with Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox, does anyone have Tim Miller's number over at Warner Bros. Studios to get him involved in some fight choreography at least?

Justice League is filming now for a November 17, 2017 release.