Wonder Twins: New Rumor Could Tease DC Film's Filming Start Date, Villains

DC is growing her film slate in some interesting ways, with blockbuster films being made either for theaters or an exclusive release on HBO Max. One of the newest entries in the latter list is Wonder Twins, which was announced to be in the works next month with Black Adam and Scoob! alum Adam Sztykiel ined up to write and direct the project. While the notion of the film being in DC's arsenal is still relatively new, it seems like it's getting off the ground pretty quickly. That Hashtag Show is reporting that production on the project will begin in Atlanta, Georgia on July 5th of this year.

Their report also provides casting details on some of the characters who will join the world of superhero twins Zan and Jayna. These casting details include a listing for Jayna's roommate, Kenzie, with the production seeking an Australian actress of any ethnicity over the age of 18 to play an 18-year-old. She's optimistic but isn't all there, with a couple of screws loose. Her one quest is to become best friends with Jayna, no matter the cost. She has a mutual crush on Zan, a.k.a. Chad. She also encourages Chad even though his powers are turning into various forms of water.

The report also hints at potential antagonists for the film, who are listed under the names Pils and Vinka. They are described as 17-year-old twins who walk and talk in unison and wear matching outfits similarly to the twins from The Shining. The pair are described as "unnerving", and are sent on a mission to kill Jayna and Zan. Given the fact that there isn't a clear comic analogue for either character, it will be interesting to see if they do have DC counterparts, or are newly-created characters tied to a larger comic-accurate villain. 

Wonder Twins will follow the alien siblings Zan and Jayna, twins from the planet Exxor, Zan has the ability to transform into any form of water, while Jayna can transform into any animal — powers that occur after the pair touch hands and say their iconic catchphrase "Wonder Twin powers, activate!" Together, the pair fight evil both by themselves and with heroes such as the Justice League, alongside their monkey sidekick named Gleek.

The Wonder Twins are perhaps best known from their debut in the Hanna-Barbera's The All-New Super Friends Hour, and later being integrated into the pages of DC Comics with 1977's Super Friends #7. While their lore is perhaps best established in the Super Friends era, the Wonder Twins have popped up occasionally in post-Crisis DC Comics canon, most notably in a 2019 comic miniseries written by Mark Russell with art by Stephen Byrne.

The film will be produced by Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey of Temple Hill productions, which has produced hits such as the Twilight films and The Fault in Our Stars.

The pair have also appeared in multiple animated series, and were portrayed in live-action by David Gallagher and Allison Scagliotti on a Season 9 episode of Smallville. The characters have also been teased periodically within The CW's Arrowverse, with an unrelated couple named Zay and Jayna appearing in a Season 1 episode of The Flash, and Gleek being teased at the end of the network's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover event.


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