'Wonder Woman 1984' Cast Poses in New 'Breakfast Club' Easter Egg Photo

The cast of Wonder Woman 1984 got together for their first official photo together - at least, it [...]

The cast of Wonder Woman 1984 got together for their first official photo together - at least, it almost seems official. In what Screen Rant cites as a now-deleted post from actor Pedro Pascal's Instagram account, we can see that the Wonder Woman 2 cast and director Patty Jenkins posed in plain clothes - save for star Gal Gadot wearing the Wonder Woman tiara on her head. However, one DC movie fan spotted the image and realized that the pose in the photo was actually a clever reference to John Hughes' classic "Brat Pack" coming-of-age film, The Breakfast Club!

In the photo, you get the cast members of Wonder Woman 1984, posed in the corresponding positions with the original Breakfast Club cast:

  • Gal Gadot as Molly Ringwald's high school "princess," Claire Standish
  • Pedro Pascal as Emilio Estevez's gruff jock, Andrew Clark
  • Chris Pine as Anthony Michael Hall's sensitive nerd, Brina Johnson
  • Kristen Wiig as Ally Sheedy's Goth weirdo, Allison Reynolds
  • Patty Jenkins as Judd Nelson's smarmy bad boy, John Bender

The Breakfast Club reference isn't just for fun: the film was released in February of 1985, meaning it was shot in 1984 - the same year that Wonder Woman 1984 is set. It's just one of the fun references and connections that Jenkins and Co. can make with their chosen epoch - more obvious low-hanging fruit being George Orwell's novel, with all of its increasingly disturbing parallels to the current day and age, and the state of women's rights progression (or regression?).

WW84 is currently in production in various locations in and around Europe. As has been revealed, the story of the sequel will very much in keeping with the first film, in terms of focusing its standalone narrative, rather than larger DCEU connections:

"It's not a sequel, it's its own story," Gadot teased during the film's San Diego Comic-Con panel. "Its own chapter, a whole new movie. The bar is very high, but our aspirations are even higher. so we just give it everything that we have and hoping what we bring you guys will love."

Kristen Wiig will play Barbara Minerva, an archaeologist who becomes DC Comics villain, Cheetah. Pedro Pascal's character is being kept under wraps, while the circumstances of Chris Pine's return as Steve Trevor are equally mysterious, given his death in the first film.

Upcoming DC Extended Universe films include Aquaman on Dec. 21, Shazam on April 5, 2019, and Wonder Woman 1984 on Nov. 1, 2019.