DC Gives Wonder Woman a New Invisible Jet

The 'Year of the Villain' event is having quite an impact on the DC Comics universe, and the plot [...]

The "Year of the Villain" event is having quite an impact on the DC Comics universe, and the plot of Wonder Woman appears to be no exception. The current run of the series has placed the Princess of Themyscira up against some harrowing challenges, after Cheetah was given the ability to kill the Amazons. While it's unclear exactly how things will shake out in the arc, Diana Prince just got a major new tool to help her with the fight. Spoilers for this week's issue of Wonder Woman, "The Wild Hunt Part 1", below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue saw Cheetah continuing to terrorize the Amazons, now that she is equipped with the Godkiller sword and some Wonder Woman-like attire. At the same time, Diana moves into a new place to live, meets a new neighbor, and gets assistance from Etta Candy. As Diana begins to rebuild, she realizes that she can use the help of her allies to repair what she'd lost -- including the Invisible Jet, which was destroyed by an attack from Leviathan. Diana tracks down Natasha Irons/Steel in Metropolis, and brings her the only piece of the Invisible Jet that had remained.

wonder woman 52 invisible jet 1
(Photo: DC Comics)

Natasha agrees that creating a new Invisible Jet would help Diana significantly in the fight against Cheetah, and promises to create something within the next hour.

Diana then continues to gather supplies -- including finally meeting Peng Deilan, the Wonder-Woman of China, and borrowing a weapon from her. Diana then arrives on Themyscira and triumphantly confronts Cheetah.

wonder woman 52 invisible jet 2
(Photo: DC Comics)

In addition to bringing a new Invisible Jet, issue #82 brings about a new change for the Wonder Woman title, as Steve Orlando takes over as writer from G. Willow Wilson. As the title marches toward its #750th issue, it will be interesting to see what other iconic elements the title deals with in the months to come.

You can check out the synopsis for Wonder Woman #82 below!


(W) Steve Orlando (A) Jesus Merino (CA) Rafael Albuquerque
Now that Cheetah has gained control of Themyscira, Wonder Woman must return home for a final showdown. Does she stand a chance against this scholar-turned-monster whose sole purpose was to enter this mythical realm? Meanwhile, Earth is left unprotected and some of Themyscira's most vile creations have found their way there. What chaos awaits Wonder Woman if she ever returns? Join returning writer Steve Orlando for the first chapter of this six-issue tale!"

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Wonder Woman #82 is available in stores now. Issue #83 will arrive on December 11th.