'Young Justice' Season 3: Producer Confirms Late 2018 Release

Young Justice is finally making its triumphant return to your television screens, but it will still be a little while before you can watch new episodes.

The third season of DC's widely-celebrated animated series, which is being called Young Justice: Outsiders, was revealed to be released at some point in 2018 on the upcoming DC exclusive streaming service. Along with the Titans live-action series, Young Justice will be one of the tentpoles for the new subscription. Unfortunately, 2018 is a long year, and the new Young Justice episodes won't be arriving until the end of it.

While interacting with a fan on Twitter, Young Justice producer Greg Weisman confirmed that the new season was expected to be released at some point in the fourth quarter of 2018.

This came after a short exchange in which the fan tweeted at Weisman about his excitement for new episodes, and made the comment that December 26 marked one year until the season would be released. Weisman exhibited hesitation with that sentiment, saying that the release date was "too precise."

young justice s3 return tweet

The producer than told the fan, "All I know for sure is fourth quarter 2018."


Sure, this is a longer wait than most fans wanted, but everyone is still excited that the series is coming back at all. Young Justice had been canceled after just two seasons, and fans begged for years on end that DC and Warner Bros. find a way to bring it back for a third installment. Many expected the return to happen on Netflix, but DC threw a curve ball by announcing its exclusive streaming service.

The live-action Titans series, which has released a few official images of its young cast, is set to premiere sometime in 2018 as well, though no official release date has been revealed.