Zack Snyder Throws Shade At Justice League's Mustache Removal Fail

Justice League has taken its fair share of licks from fans, but the latest shade might have just come from one of the film's directors.

As you are most likely well aware, Justice League ended up having a rather expensive issue with a mustache, and Justice League director Zack Snyder just threw a delightful jab at the whole ordeal. On Vero Snyder shared a photo of himself with a full beard, captioning it with "Guess I got to shave this thing." A fan then responded "or you could just remove it via CGI hahahaha."

Snyder didn't miss a beat with his response, saying "we all know that doesn't work."

This is the second dig he's made at something related to Justice League, as he liked a status detailing Joss Whedon's exit from Batgirl. Whedon, of course, took over for Snyder after he exited the project, though there are some reports that say the project was taken away from Snyder as opposed to him just passing the baton.

In either case, Snyder seems more than aware of Justice League's mustache struggles, which originated from the reshoots League ended up needing. Superman actor Henry Cavill has a mustache and beard in Mission Impossible: Fallout, which was filming after Justice League wrapped initial production. Warner Bros. needed him clean shaven for League and even offered to pay Paramount for any post-production needed to add a beard to him for the rest of the shoot, which would have been much less difficult than taking a beard off.

Paramount wouldn't budge though, so they had Cavill shoot with the mustache and beard in the reshoots and took on the task of removing it in post.


Unfortunately, they only had around 4 months to work on the effects, and many fans pointed out how odd his face looked in those reshot scenes. The effects really needed more time, and it quickly became a popular meme to have Cavill in his Superman costume rocking a full mustache.

Justice League is available on Digital HD and will hit Blu-ray and DVD this March.