Nintendo Share Value Hits 10-Year High After Rumors of Production Escalations and Killer MOBA Reveal

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Nintendo's share values are soaring. Today is reporting that shares have hit an apex that it hasn't seen in over a decade, when the Wii craze was in full swing. The sudden rise in share value is also being attributed partly to a report from Digitimes that Nintendo is set to increase production of the Switch by a significant margin; some are speculating production to ramp up to 2 million units a month. This report has been flagged as erroneous by some, but it's had its effect on the market regardless.

To-date, Nintendo shares have shot up 77% from the beginning of 2017. It's now being speculated that Nintendo will sell upward of 20 million Switches be year's end, which dwarfs the initial prediction of 13 million -- a prediction that, at the time, seemed very optimistic indeed. The Switch has long-been Nintendo's fastest-selling console, but now we're starting to wonder if it could be Nintendo's best-selling console.

Don't forget that we're hearing rumors (thanks for the reminder, that Nintendo will be releasing the Switch in China. You may remember that Arena of Valor, currently Tencent's most successful game in China and one of the most popular games in the world, is also headed to the Nintendo Switch this year. Tencent raked in over $800 million in revenue in China from this game (known there as Honor of Kings) in its first quarter. A Nintendo Switch in China that plays Arena of Valor is going to fly off of the shelves.

Additionally, third-party support is finally starting to trickle in with more consistency. We just celebrated the launch of FIFA 18 on the Switch, and soon we'll be looking forward to Skyrim, DOOM, Wolfenstein, and L.A. Noire. With Bethesda, Take-Two, EA, and Ubisoft on-board, we're assuming that share values will only continue to rise. Stay tuned!