Three More Games Join Xbox One Backward Compatibility Program

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 7.39.22 PM

Last week, the Xbox One backward compatibility program saw a major boost with the addition of two key games in the Fable franchise, including Fable Anniversary. This week, the program rolls on with three more games that are sure to get the attention of gamers everywhere.

First up is Ubisoft’s Child of Eden, a thrilling first-person music/rhythm shooter from the team that brought you Rez Infinite, Q? Entertainment. In it, you’ll fly through a number of strange worlds, in the hopes of rescuing Lumi and Eden from total disruption – which could cause chaos throughout the entire universe. You’ll run through each stage locking onto targets and taking down bosses, before finally bringing peace to the galaxy. The game utilizes controls that work with the Xbox One Kinect, as well as a standard controller. Either way, it’s a visual sight to behold!

Next up is KOF Sky Stage, and it’s one of those rare King of Fighters games from SNK that actually has nothing to do with fighting. Instead, it’s more of a top-down shooter, where you take down a number of enemies using a selection of King of Fighters stars. We’re not sure where Terry Bogard got all his bullets, but it’s a great game for those that appreciate “bullet hell” shooters.

Finally, there’s Goat Simulator, the wild and wacky open-world adventure where you guide a goat through many misadventures, including launching missiles and other destructive means of behavior. The game was released for Xbox One as well, but for those that bought the earlier version, it now works with the Xbox One.

So there you have it. Not entirely a gangbusters week, but there are still a few games well worth checking out! You can download them from the Xbox Live Marketplace now!