You Won’t Have To Wait To Use Your Powers In Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man


Although we’ve seen quite a bit thus far, this week’s reveal of Insomniac GamesSpider-Man has provided a few more details – and it’s stuff that fans are really enjoying.

Along with a new trailer that shows more of the story, and the news that Mary Jane will be playable within the game at certain points, Insomniac Games has now quelled the fear of gamers wondering if they’ll have to earn certain powers in the game in order to move forward, as we’ve seen in previous Spider-Man games. Good news – you don’t.

Even though Spidey is in his early 20’s here and taking on his first ever job (what, he didn’t work in high school?), you’ll be able to kick butt right off the bar, according to creative director Bryan Intihar. Speaking with IGN, he explained that the game will open up all his powers right off the bat, with four different pillars to build around.

These pillars are melee (striking enemies up close), web-slinging (to get around and subdue certain attacks), environmental actions (like using items to knock out foes, like pipes and boxes) and gadgets (like the Web-Grenade). And you’ll be able to mix and match these freely, though there are times you’ll have to be “switching right,” utilizing the D-pad on the PlayStation 4 controller.

As for having all your powers right off the bat, Intihar explained, “It’s not like you load up the game and he doesn’t have any powers. The first time you’re swinging, the first time you’re fighting, you need to feel like Spider-Man.” So we have that to look forward to.

Still, there are times when you won’t be fighting, as you’ll either be investigating certain crime scenes with Mary Jane, or living out the day-to-day actions with Peter Parker, depending on the direction that the story takes. There will still be plenty of web-slinging and crime-fighting, so don’t sweat that too much. Just enjoy the whole thing as it unfolds, because it’s going to e a really impressive effort.

We don’t have a release date for Spider-Man just yet, but it’s expected to hit PlayStation 4 in mid-2018.