Xboss Phil Spencer Gives Nod To PS4 Trophies Trade-in Program


The PlayStation team recently unveiled their positive changes to the Sony Rewards Program, one of which included the notable enhancement of being able to trade in hard-earned trophies for real games. The trophies-to-cash ability caught the eye of many gamers, but it also captured the attention of one key Xbox figure.

The Xboss himself, Phil Spencer, is one of many gamers that couldn't help but to appreciate the recent adjustements to the way Sony plans to reward their customers. Calling "competition a good thing," Spencer consistantly shows Xbox players that he is taking the company back into the direction for gamers, by gamers. In a recent Twitter accolade, Spencer himself gave a positive little nod to the recent improvement:

So simple, but could mean big things. Should he like it, could he be putting the metaphorical ring on it by implementing a similar system for the Xbox One platform? They've recently added the Gift-Giving feature that gamers have been begging for throughout the years, perhaps an achievements-to-cash program might be next! As he said so himself, it's "a good thing."

As we mentioned in our previous coverage of the program:

"If you’ve got an impressive amount of PlayStation trophies constantly being added to your collection, you can finally put those accomplishments to good use by cashing them in for new games or other products thanks to the Sony Rewards program.

The Sony Rewards program isn’t a new feature, and if you use your PlayStation 4 primarily for gaming without taking part in renting movies or other activities, you likely weren’t even aware that it existed. But a recent update for the rewards program now lets you earn points based on how many trophies you have, and those points can then be converted into products or PSN currency."

Who knows what the future holds for the warring platforms (friendly rivalry, come on folks), but with more and more of a focus on what the players themselves want - this could only mean good things for the future.