Rock That Moustache With Pride With This Movember Fallout 4 Mod


It's Movember folks and the perfect excuse to grow out that glorious moustache you've always dreamed of. For a good cause too! As if you needed another reason for the epic facial hair, No Shave November is a neat little way people can show their support and raise awareness for male health issues such as prostate cancer. With a world encased in radiation, it only makes sense that Fallout 4 should have its own Movember month and now it does thanks to one epic modder.

Popular modder Elianora is known for their unique take on in-game modding. With other mods raising awareness for similar health issues like breast cancer, Elianora is all about gaming with good intent. The modder boldly states: "Point of mod: Be excellent to yourself, and to each other. Take care of yourself. You are important."


Dogmeat isn't the only one that can don that fancy facial hair. Be "fancy AF" with two fancy outfits and one Vault jumpsuit with a T-shirt on top. There's also a fake plastic moustache, a realistic moustache, and a monocle/top hat option as well.

According to the mod listing on Nexus:

Craft them under MOVEMBER at the CHEMISTRY BENCH
• The "Movember Mo" can be worn by humans, Dogmeat, and Strong
• They bring luck and charisma
• The outfits can be modded to have lining, ballistic weave and they can have armour pieces on top of them
• The Vault Jumpsuit + T-Shirt works like a normal Vault Suit, people will comment on you wearing it

What a perfect reason to hop back into the Wasteland, don't you think?