Rainbow Six Siege Zombie Mode Confirmed?


The Pro League livestream today came bearing many gifts when it comes to the world of Rainbow Six Siege, including real-time gameplay of the three new operators in actions in the new Korean setting. In addition to seeing some of the new in-game material up close and personal - a new mode has finally been confirmed after months of speculation. Introducing the new co-op event Mission Outbreak.

The Mission Outbreak event plays a lot like the popular zombie modes out there, most notably from the Call of Duty franchise. In the video below, we see the introduction of the new mode in Season One as two new biohazard specialists join the team. It's a 3 player co-op experience during dubbed Operation Chimera, but aside from that - details are sparse.

For those that wanting to dip their toes into the new mode, there will be unique collectibles that can be unlocked as a reward. This could involve weapon skins, uniforms - the works. Those that do not participate in the new event will of course miss out on the exclusive in-game loot, for obvious reasons. This is all a part of Ubisoft's Club challenges with the aim to keep a fresh rotation of content to improve player experience and keep gameplay fresh.

More info on Mission Outbreak and Operation Chimera, alongside other in-game events they have in store, will be revealed amidst the Six Invitational. This event takes place in Montreal from February 13th until the 18th.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. To learn more about what's on the horizon with the new season, check out our previous coverage here.