Releases 2017 Top 10s, Including Doki Doki Literature Club & BTS Scifi Game


Since its launch in 2013, has helped published hundreds of thousands of independent games, stories and projects, becoming yet another home for creators who have their own ideas to form. This year, that trend continued, according to the company's official blog, which recently recapped the numbers and titles that made last year great. Name dropping breakout hits like Doki Doki Literature Club and Everything, the lists reflect a few different and interesting stats, but the platform's top ten most popular games showcase some of the best.

Indie developers went all-in on game jams and challenges throughout 2017, and final numbers on creator activity reflect that. Here's what reports:

  • 68,526 published projects.
  • 1,646 game jams created with a total of 45,551 people participating, and 13,361 total games submitted.
  • 45,789 builds processed through butler.
  • 320,885 files uploaded, totalling 12.5 TB of storage.
  • 202,273 comments and threads made on projects page, communities, and jams.
  • 134,635 new collections created and 764,496 games & projects added to collections
  • 282,144 new followers to accounts

Beyond that, the year's top ten most popular games include some familiar names, but also indie entries that the main stream audience may not have been alerted to just yet. Here's that list and a few details to help change that.

  1. My Little Blacksmith Shop - A minecraft-esque blacksmith game that focuses on forging weapons and gathering materials.
  2. House Party - Described as a throwback to Leisure Suit Larry, where you must charm girls at a house party.
  3. PC Building Simulator Demo - Pretty self-explanatory, but an engaging title nonetheless!
  4. Doki Doki Literature Club! - The break-out star of 2017 indie games. Don't go into this one with a weak stomach.
  5. Don’t Bite Me Bro! - A Couch Co-op open-world zombie apocalypse game where 1-4 players must gather items, find survivors and outrun zombie hoardes.
  6. To the Edge of the Sky - A futuristic idol title starring members of the K-Pop band BTS.
  7. Autonauts - The player controls a small army of worker bots to "harness whatever natural resources are available" to them and harvest new materials.
  8. Anchored - Come down from your (wooden) ivory tower to scavenge for supplies as they run out.
  9. Last Wood - An adorable Craft & Survival game involving rafts and good buddies.
  10. Tracks - For those among us who still love working with toy train sets but don't have the room for them.

Check out the full post, along with's other 2017 Top 10 lists, here.