God of War Gets an Epic New CG Trailer

Right on cue, God of War got a brand-new CG trailer/commercial during Family Guy tonight. Equally savage, beautiful, and epic, the new trailer features Kratos taking on behemoth beasts alongside his son Arteus.

Basically, there's everything you could want from a CG trailer: tons of action, slow-mo moments, beautiful landscapes and scenery, and dramatic scenes. In other words, it's a classic hype trailer. And we're not complaining.

For those that don't know: the new trailer wasn't just randomly dropped during an episode of Family Guy, it was part of a special promotion where Sony sponsored the shows first ad-free episode, and in return Kratos got the whole night to himself. The trailer ran before and after the episode, but other than that there wasn't a single ad. Just Kratos kicking ass and taking names. Like it should be.

At the time of the promotion reveal, Asad Qizilbash, Vice President of Marketing for PlayStation, talked up the promotion, and how important it would be for the game and the PlayStation brand.

“This format, verses buying a 30-second ad unit, is appealing as it creates an event feel and offers a more unique approach on how we reach existing and new fans,” said Asad Qizilbash. “The more we are able to eventize media buys, the bigger impact we see to present PlayStation as a leader in gaming content.”

Qizilbash also noted that Sony believes there's a big audience overlap between the two shows, because you know, Kratos is actually just basically Meg. At least that's what I hear.

If there is one thing that can be said about God of War, it's that Sony has been pushing it hard. PlayStation's marketing campaign he been lasered in on promotion for the soft-reboot of the series, and for good reason to, because it looks like it's going to be one of the best releases of the year.


Oddly enough sponsoring a Family Guy episode isn't the most out-of-the-box marketing Sony has dabbled in for God of War this week. It also teamed up with professional soccer team FC Porto for a special Father's Day promotion in Portugal.

God of War is poised to release on April 20th, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Available at retail and digital storefronts, it will cost $59.99 USD.