Fortnite Player Sees Real-Life Tornado, Keeps Playing Game


One does not simply quit in the middle of a round of Fortnite, especially when there are only a few people standing between you and a victory royale! No on knows that better than the young man you're about to see in this video. Shared via reddit, this news clips shows an interview of a young man who witnessed a tornado tearing through his neighborhood. He claims that he literally witnessed the rooftops of neighboring houses being ripped up, but that wasn't enough to tear him away from his game. You guys have to hear this:

That's true dedication right there. We can't decide if this young man has an abundance of courage, or a shortage of common sense. Perhaps both. All we know is that, if a tornado is bearing down on our neighborhood and we can literally see it tearing apart homes next door, we're going to put down the controller and take shelter.

Regrettably, the clip cuts off before the interviewer is able to ask whether or not he won his game of Fortnite. At least, we assume the reporter asked that question, because that's the only truly important information we still lack in this story. The entire Reddit thread wanted to know as well, and it led to one user posting his own story about playing Fortnite through a natural emergency, and coming out on top. Below is the that story from poster "jpmane," from the same thread:

"I live in Alaska and we get pretty big earthquakes from time to time. One day me and 3 of my buddies (who also live in Alaska) land in Greasy Grove, no one else lands with us so we go about looting. Randomly I start feeling something shaking, just assumed that it was someone running around my house so I kept playing... then my phones alarm system goes off and I hear the same noise in everyone else’s mics so we start freaking out that there’s an earthquake because the alarm system said that there was an evacuation notice due to a possibility of a flooding.

"So we’re flipping out, the ground is shaking hard af, my family is running around packing the car ready to gtfo of there. All this time my guy in fortnite is just sitting in the street of greasy.. The earthquake starts to die down, and we realize that our city wasn’t on the list of possible floodings, so I get back on the game and the circle is literally still on us after like 10-15 minutes and there 3 people left.


"All my buddies get back and super anticlimactically we win the game. But it was hilarious because we kept saying how we survived a natural disaster and won the game."

There are no good lessons to be learned here, people. Do not follow in these players' footsteps.