'Fortnite' Season 4 Starts Tomorrow, Here's When Servers Go Down

After weeks of teasing and days of meteors in the forecast, Fortnite Season 4 is finally kicking off tomorrow.

We've known for some time that Season 4 would be kicking off around this time, but we didn't have official confirmation until now:

According to the fine folks over at FortniteIntel, Season 3 is scheduled to conclude early tomorrow morning around 3:30 AM Eastern time. When the weekly updates go up, this is the same time that servers typically go down for those changes to take effect, so we're assuming that by the time you guys wake up in the morning, Season 4 will be in full swing. So what can you expect, and what will the Battle Pass look like?

At this point those questions are still unanswered. Thankfully, EPIC has confirmed a few things for us, and we've had no shortage of leaks to fuel our speculation. Officially we can say with confidence that Season 4 will revolve around a theme of superheroes. EPIC has sent out several new Fortnite Season 4 teaser logos showing avatars dressed up like superheroes, with various captions about fighting to survive, and honor.

We're also convinced that meteors will continue to plague us next season, since the meteor is still prominently featured in the imagery. EPIC is also teasing season 4 with the phrase, "Brace for impact."


As I mentioned, we've also had a pretty substantial leak which, to be frank, should be taken strictly as rumor for now. We're talking gobs of salt. With that in mind, here is what one insider says we can look forward to:

  • The meteor will be hitting Dusty Depot, and NOT Tilted Towers as so many believe. Epic has thought this area of the map has needed an update for a long time.

  • The map will always be evolving. The map will be updated WEEKLY in Season 4. Epic feels like they had a wasted opportunity with Tilted Towers going up all at once. They would rather have had bulldozers & a few raising cranes one week, then one building go up the next week, two buildings the following week, etc.

  • Moisty Mire will be gone by the end of Season 4.

  • The Season 4 Battle Pass is all Supehero-themed. There will be superhero skins and villain skins (at least 2 of each). They aren't from Marvel or DC, just Epic's own characters.

Stay tuned, we'll have more information about Season 4 and the new Battle Pass very soon!