'Overkill's The Walking Dead' Gets Dark New Character Trailer

Overkill’s The Walking Dead now has a new trailer that features one of the game’s four main characters who’s on a somber mission in the walker-filled world.

The character featured this time is Grant, the third playable character in Starbreeze’s upcoming Walking Dead game. Grant’s a bit older than the other three that have already been previewed, a fact that he acknowledges in IGN’s exclusive trailer that’s shown above.

Showing Grant walking down a rainy road with some gear slung on his back, the character hops into a car after tossing a body aside. Finding whisky in the glove compartment along with a photo of a young girl dressed up in costume, he starts talking about his granddaughter that he’s out there searching for. It appears as though he’s just talking to himself in the car before he shows the picture to the jawless, dismembered walker sitting next to him in the car, a zombie that’s restrained only by a seat belt.

Grant’s obviously pretty comfortable around these walkers since he knows exactly how to work around their limitations and take them out while trying to draw only minimal amounts of attention to himself. He even reclines back into the car’s seat as walkers swarm around the car and is apparently in no hurry to get out of the situation. The character trailer doesn’t go into what kinds of abilities and skills Grant will have, but we’ll hopefully see this same calmness and attitude make its way into his character design.

Each of these four characters will indeed have their own unique skills and roles as well with players working together in the co-op game to use them all together. The game’s official site includes more details on all these powers and customization options and how they can be used.


“Each character has their own Special Abilities, Skill Trees, Squad Roles, Play Styles and Story Arcs, but teamwork is paramount,” the site says. “The action is close-up and intense: take out enemies carefully with a silent melee attack or go in guns blazing with your choice of each class weapons. You need to be able to improvise as nothing is certain and a horde of walkers is always right around the corner.”

Grant’s trailer release means that there’s one more character trailer to be revealed for Overkill’s The Walking Dead before the game is released sometime this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.