Gears of War 5 Revealed With New Trailer

Gears of War 5 has now been confirmed by Xbox during the company's E3 conference that revealed one of three new Gears of War games.

Considering that Crackdown 3 won’t be making its way out this year, Microsoft needed to come up with something big to make up for it. And it looks like that something big will lie within one of its most trusted franchises, Gears of War.

A previous rumor suggested that we could be getting three games from the franchise for Xbox One. That rumor turned out to be accurate despite how ambitious the idea of releasing three different Gears of War games sounded, but regardless of how you feel about the other innovative takes on the series, we're definitely getting Gears of War 5. A release date for the game unfortunately hasn't been announced just yet, but we do know that it's due out sometime in 2019, a year that's already becoming stacked with tons of other hits, be they exclusives or multi-platform releases.

Not set to debut until a date that's yet to be announced, the game will continue the storyline of the original game as it features a mixture of old and new characters alike. No doubt it will bring back the signature multiplayer that fans have come to expect; along with a robust single player campaign that continues the current storyline from Gears 4.


In addition to Gears of War 5, Microsoft also surprised gamers with the two other games that they have planned for the Gears of War series. The first of the reveals was Gears Pop, a game that merges both the ultra-violent series and the fun collectible figures that come from Funko. It’s a mobile game that’ll be out on both Android and iOS devices with all of the core characters looking just like their Funko Pop counterparts. The second is Gears Tactics, a starkly different title from both the core series and Gears Pop. This strategy game is turn-based and appears to work similarly to the way that the XCOM games do.

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