'Spider-Man's J. Jonah Jameson Leaves Daily Bugle for Podcasting

J. Jonah Jameson no longer holds the position of Daily Bugle publisher in Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man with the brash character moving instead to a career in podcasting.

Previous reports have mentioned that you’ll be hearing more of Jameson’s voice in a different capacity than the newspaper, but a new online issue of the Daily Bugle that’s been published explains exactly what Jameson is up to in the PlayStation 4 exclusive. He’s left the Daily Bugle in the game in pursuit of bringing the news to New York’s residents in a different way.

“The Daily Bugle says goodbye to its longstanding publisher J. Jonah Jameson,” Daily Bugle reporter Robbie Robertson said in the online edition. “After decades of leadership, the fiery, headstrong newsman turns his attention to podcasts.”

Jameson’s known for the traits mentioned above as well as his distaste for Spider-Man shown with headlines that refer to the hero as the “Spidey menace” and other nicknames. Referencing the now former publisher of the Daily Bugle, Robertson’s hinted that players can expect to hear more from Jameson even though he’s not with the newspaper any longer.

“Jameson dedicated his career to building The Daily Bugle into what it is today: New York City’s premier newspaper, publishing hard-hitting news that delivers the truth other papers lack the tenacity to print. His fearlessness for compelling journalism earned him multiple top national accolades and a prestigious book deal.

“No matter how he does it, Jameson vows to continue delivering his trademarked brand of gutsy news to the citizens of New York.”

The article adds to a previous report and the video above from Game Informer that shared more details on the game and said that Jameson would have his own radio show. It appears that it’ll be a podcast, according to the Daily Bugle, but it already has a name.

“Swinging through the city also brings the chance to listen to different things, such as J. Jonah Jameson's radio show, Just the Facts, which you'll hear briefly,” Game Informer reported.


The short clip of Jameson speaking during his show said that he’ll be telling everyone about “threats you don’t even known about,” so it sounds like he’ll be a constant stream of information on villains, Spider-Man, and more happenings as the story progresses. It hasn’t been revealed how you’ll listen to him while swinging through the city, but Spider-Man will likely have some multi-purpose radio tool to help him stay up-to-date on Jameson’s news.

Spider-Man is releasing for the PlayStation 4 on September 7.