Don't Expect Cyberpunk 2077 to be Like 'The Witcher 3', FPS Reactions

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The world finally got their first official look at CD Projekt RED's Cyberpunk 2077 during E3 2018, and the inevitable The Witcher III comparisons have already started. We recently got our hands on the title and were given a chance to talk to the developers themselves a little bit about what the future of Cyberpunk has in store.

Any time I've mentioned Cyberpunk 2077 to anyone, the most common reaction I get is a knee jerk comparison to that of The Witcher 3. Understandable, given that both are RPGs and both are made by CD Projekt RED, but really - the comparisons should stop there. Geralt of Rivia's story in The Witcher was, to an extent, pre-set. You can't customize him and he has a purpose. Cyberpunk 2077 is total freedom. From the colour of your hair, to the gender of choice - and every romance option you can think imaginable. The stats are also totally customizable, as well as backstory and how the world around reacts to the player.

This comparison is also a huge reason why there was such a negative reaction to the game being primarily in the First Person. Vi isn't slaying wyvvern, they're slaying thugs. Working from the bottom up in the criminal underground is no easy task. Players will need to have an incredible arsenal of cybernetics and weaponry at their disposal, which is why the First Person perspective fits perfectly. Essentially, this is a First Person Shooter, and the gameplay design really was meant for just that.

With my own impressions of the game, I feel like if they had made it in the Third Person vantage point, the immersion would have been broken. Especially with the opening sequence I witnessed during my time with the game. It was gritty and just would not have had the same intended reaction had it not been up close and personal.

Many were concerned about the vantage selection because how incredible the character customization is. The hair color, face, eyes, scars, tattoos - everything. If you're like me and can easily be lost in hours of character customization, it's understandable that you'd want to see that same character in action. But don't fear, hopeful fans. With no loading screens yet fluid cutscenes, you will have plenty of time to see that pretty face of yours. That careful selection process won't go to waste, I promise.

There is one bright side, however. There is a lot of driving in the game, and that can be toggled from Third Person to First Person, and vice versa. Which is good, because I absolutely suck at driving in games.


We still don't have a release date yet for Cyberpunk 2077 but I honestly feel it will be a few years off before it hits shelves. But trust me, ComicBook family, it will be worth the wait.

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