Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Now Available

Stardew Valley’s big multiplayer update is now available for all PC players who can now farm and build alongside one another.

A beta for the PC version of the multiplayer feature was released at the end of April to give a preview of what’s to come and test the features with an announcement in mid-July confirming that the multiplayer feature would be out in August. Now that the feature is here, Stardew Valley creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone shared an announcement about the multiplayer update and what it entails.

Stardew Valley now supports up to 4 player co-op,” Barone said. “Co-op is nearly identical to single-player, but with 1-3 other friends playing together with you to achieve a common goal. Any single player game can be ‘converted’ to a co-op game by having Robin build one or more cabins on your farm.”

One player will serve as the host for the multiplayer action while the rest will connect to their game. Up to four players can be in one game at a time, but the host always has to be there.

To access the new co-op mode, you can do so through the new option that’s found on the title screen. After selecting the co-op feature, you can pick from a few options to get the multiplayer going, those options listed below from the announcement:

  • Host a new co-op game
  • Re-host an existing co-op game
  • Join a new farm (provided that any of your friends are hosting and have a cabin available for you)
  • Re-join a farm (provided that the host is in-game)
  • Join a LAN game (by entering the IP address of the host)
  • Enter an invite code (generated by the host) to join a game (this allows for Steam/GOG crossplay)

There will also be some new options when building players’ multiplayer worlds that’ll allow them to set perimeters for how the game will play out. A Starting Cabins option lets players decide how many pre-positioned cabins they want to start with, the cabin layout another choice that you’ll have to make. You can also up the difficulty by changing the Profit Margin feature that’ll change how much money your group is accumulating, gold that’s shared between all of the players. Everyone’s working on the same farm and through the same storyline as each other, but players have individual inventories, skills, relationships, quests, and more. Everyone has to go to bed at the same time as well to start a new day, so you’ll have to be on the same page as your teammates to get everything done and start each day anew.

The multiplayer update for Stardew Valley is now available for PC players on Steam and GOG.