'Dragon Quest XI' Gets New Name, Update For Nintendo Switch

Earlier this month, fans of the Dragon Quest series got to experience the latest chapter in the series, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, for PlayStation 4 and PC. But Nintendo Switch owners have been wondering just what’s going on with their version. And, welp, now we know.

Dragon Quest XI

This weekend, during the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix re-confirmed that Dragon Quest XI will come out for Nintendo’s platform. Only, now, it has a new name that it’ll be doing it under.

The company confirmed that the game is now called Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age S, with series creator Yuji Horii noting that the “S” had multiple meanings when it came to name. He noted that it stands for “Switch,” “Special,” “Shaberu” (speaking) and “Seiyuu,” after one of the voice actors.

He also noted that the game was still well in development, and will be coming out for the North American and European markets. However, considering the localization process that comes with games like this, it’ll take some time for it to arrive. At the very least, we may not see it until sometime next summer, if that soon.

But the wait will be worth it, as the U.S. and European versions will also include voice acting and dashing, which were not included with the original game. Horii did make note that, “Even though shaberu (speaking) will be taking priority...I think there are some players who would prefer Dragon Quest without voices, and we’re keeping that in mind. Horii will be able to say more about that at some point…”

It’s true, they could always release the game with Japanese voice acting at launch, and then patch in English voice acting later on for those that want it. We know quite a few people that would pleased with that option.

We’ll keep you informed when Square Enix confirms a release date for the game on Nintendo Switch. More than likely, we won’t see any new information about it until E3 2019, though you never know.


In the meantime, Dragon Quest XI is well worth checking out, based on the review of the game we posted. You can check out Echoes of an Elusive Age now for PlayStation 4 and PC.

(Hat tip to Gematsu for the scoop!)