'The Witcher' Looks Amazing as a Studio Ghibli Anime

The Witcher Anime Style
(Photo: Lap Pun Cheung)

The Witcher is already being adapted to a Netflix series, but an artist’s Studio Ghibli-style concept for the franchise shows it has just as much potential as an anime.

Lap Pun Cheung created the concept art above for an anime version of The Witcher, an image that was shared by the official Twitter account for The Witcher. The account’s image had some subtitles included to show what the anime would look like with the text at the bottom showing a conversation between Geralt of Rivia and Ciri, Pun Cheung shared another version of the image with no subtitles when a Twitter user asked for it.

Pun Cheung works as a senior concept artist at Boss Mode Games and has many, many more creations just like this one. His own site shows that he’s working on two different projects right now, the first being a Studio Ghibli-inspired story called The Departed and the second a cyberpunk project called Neon Divide.

Neon Divide is a collection of short stories set in a dark cyberpunk universe primarily based in a megacity, DC,” his description of the project said, the image below showing off the project's art style. “The Neon Divide is a huge strip of towers and buildings adorned with glowing signage that cuts across the entire city.”

His ArtStation and Twitter accounts have just as many different creations found there as well, some of which are tied to existing games and others being standalone projects. God of War, Final Fantasy, and Metal Gear Solid are just a few of the brands that his creations cover with Kratos and other characters from games being remade in different artistic styles.


With The Witcher coming to Netflix, an official anime version of the franchise doesn’t seem likely anytime soon, but the series’ fans can now at least see it leap from the books to the games to their TVs through Netflix. Henry Cavill of the Superman and DC Universe fame is taking on the role of Geralt of Rivia, but other casting decisions remain unknown at this time. The actress that’ll play Ciri also hasn’t been announced yet, but the events leading up to that announcement have already caused some controversy.

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