'League of Legends' Announces Ezreal Bundle Ahead of Champion Update

League of Legends’ champion update for Ezreal is coming soon with a special champion bundle announced on Monday.

Announced within a League of Legends post titled “Ezreal coming soon!” the bundle was revealed to contain nearly every skin that’s currently buyable for the champion along with some Legacy skins. Called “The Prodigal Explorer Bundle,” it costs 6,027 RP and is scheduled to arrive in Patch 8.20 alongside the reworked Ezreal.

“Daring exploits in dangerous territory? Narrow escapes from certain death?” the League of Legends announcement said. “Perfectly coiffed hair even during the most distant expeditions? He makes it look easy, but it's all skill. Grab your gauntlet and head into the horizon—Ezreal arrives in the next patch.”

Ezreal is also included in the bundle, of course, but he raises the price to 6,467 RP instead if you don’t already own the marksman. Ten different skins are included in the bundle, all of those listed below with the ones marked with asterisks being the Legacy skins that aren’t normally available.

  • Nottingham Ezreal*
  • Striker Ezreal*
  • Frosted Ezreal
  • Explorer Ezreal*
  • TPA Ezreal*
  • Debonair Ezreal
  • Ace of Spades Ezreal
  • Arcade Ezreal
  • Star Guardian Ezreal
  • SSG Ezreal*

Ezreal’s Pulsefire skin, his most expensive cosmetic, is noticeably absent from the bundle, but it can still be bought separately to outfit the updated champion with the hi-tech equipment.

These Legacy skins will also be available as separate purchases during the event, so if there’s an esports skin or seasonal cosmetic that an Ezreal player doesn’t yet own, they can be bought separately until October 23rd, the same date that the bundle leaves the store.


A separate bundle containing three different emotes will also be available during the promotion’s period. “The Daring and Dapper Bundle” comes with three different emotes that can be seen below, those emotes called “Tears of Joy,” Gotta Run!” and “Easy E-Z.”

League of Legends Ezreal Emote
(Photo: Riot Games)

With Ezreal’s model being updated alongside the gameplay changes that Riot Games has planned for him, each of his skins have been updated as well to reflect the changes. This means that while there haven’t been any major changes to the individual skins, each one will look newer compared to the previous versions. Riot Games revealed a quick look at each of those recently in the gameplay video at the top that showed off a first look at Ezreal’s new abilities and skins.

League of Legends’ Ezreal rework and the champion’s two bundles are scheduled to be released in Patch 8.20.