Bungie Confirms 'Destiny 2' Roadmap Remains Unchanged in Wake of Activision News

The video game industry was “shooketh” with the news that Bungie and Activision were “breaking up” after a years-long relationship, and that the developer would attain full rights to the Destiny franchise. But it also left some interesting questions about what this would mean for the future of Destiny 2- like, for instance, if it would still be receiving its promised updates.

The developer had teased big plans for the sequel over the next several months, including content that was set to come in spring and summer. So does this “divorce” derail said content? Well, according to Bungie’s community manager, nope.

David Dague, who goes under the name of “DeeJ” and discusses what’s coming to the game quite often, recently noted on Twitter that the forthcoming roadmap remains unchanged for the game, despite what’s happening.
“Today is a big news day for Bungie. Change is afoot for us,” he said. “Our plans for Destiny are unchanged. All of these game updates are still on the calendar.”

He then included an image detailing the current plans for Destiny 2, which you can see below. This includes the Season of the Forge, which is happening now and includes everything from new Raids to The Dawning; as well as Season of the Drifter, which is set to kick off in March and lead on through May; and a mysterious unnamed chapter going under “Season of the ______”, which will take place in June and promises even more content.

Destiny 2

Many fans have responded in kind, as you can see below:

DeeJ also followed up with a tweet that provided nothing but gracious comments with the partnership the developer has had with Activision over the years.

We certainly wish “DeeJ” and the rest of the crew at Bungie the best of luck. Clearly, their Destiny is in their hands.


Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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