'Fallout 76' Is Being Bundled with Hard Drives and Other Products in Germany

Another Fallout 76 bundle has been spotted at German retailers which adds the game to purchases of different gaming items whether it be an external hard drive for the PlayStation 4, a console, or even a controller.

An image of these Fallout 76 deals surfaced on Reddit where a user showed that a PlayStation 4 copy of Bethesda’s online game was strapped to a Seagate product. The hard drive itself was priced at €79, so for that cost buyers can get both the hard drive they came for in Fallout 76 in what appears to be a bundle created by the retailer to move some stock.

[Image] They are selling PS4 Hard Drives with Fallout 76 as a bonus in Germany... from r/PS4

A user who said they work at Saturn, a chain of electronics stores in Germany, commented on the post to add some more context to the image. The Saturn employee said it’s not just a hard drive that includes a copy of Fallout 76 – it’s a console be it a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One and also controllers for both that’ll net shoppers the game. For some purchases, this means you can get the game cheaper by buying something else than you would if you bought the game by itself. The same user commented elsewhere to say a PlayStation 4 controller runs for €55 and includes the game while Fallout 76 itself is still €59.99, at least at that employee’s store.


This type of deal isn’t the first one that’s given away a copy of Fallout 76 for free so long as people buy another product. Not long ago, another bundle was spotted at Saturn that included a copy of Fallout 76 with Microsoft’s Fallout 76 Xbox One X bundle. This means that anyone who bought the high-powered Xbox would get a digital code for Fallout 76 along with a physical copy of the same game, a deal that’s actually not too bad if you’re planning on bringing some friends online with you to take on the wasteland together.

Saturn in germany is so desperately trying get rid of Fallout 76, they bundled it with the Falliut 76 One X bundle from r/xboxone

Fallout 76 is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.