Dead by Daylight Leak Reveals Ghostface from Scream

Dead by Daylight’s next Killer has leaked ahead of schedule, and it appears the new character will be another premium, licensed one. An update released on Tuesday unintentionally added some content from the next chapter that features the masked Scream assailant and went even further to reveal the character’s alternate skins and special abilities. Behaviour Interactive acknowledged the leak itself, so you can expect Ghostface to come to the game eventually.

Some players might’ve seen the evidence of Ghostface coming to Dead by Daylight, a Killer who’s called “The Ghost” in the game just as other characters are often renamed when they’re brought over from different properties. For those who didn’t the Twitch streamer by the name of Morf_UK highlighted the Killer on stream and shared a look at the character in the video below.

Another video showed The Ghost’s cosmetics with three of them spotted in the game after the accidental update. Only one of them was shown in the clip though, a skin that swaps out the signature white mask for a red one that resembles a devil.

No matter how interesting a character is, they’re only worth playing if their skills are worth using. One of The Ghost’s perks called “Simple Formula” can be seen below, a perk that’s one of the Obsession abilities Killers come with now. Hooking Survivors while using the perk awards tokens which in turn decreases The Ghost’s Terror Radius, and a new Survivor can become the Obsession once the old one is removed. The Ghost’s power allows the character to move stealthily and lean around corners to stalk Survivors while having no Terror Radius.

Behaviour Interactive acknowledged the leak on Twitter through the official Dead by Daylight Twitter account and told people to “enjoy the early hype.”

“Some lucky players got a glimpse of our upcoming chapter release content in today’s mid-chapter update," the tweet said. "We already pushed the right update live to all players on PC and PS4. XBOX users will receive it within a few days. In the meantime, enjoy the early hype on the next chapter!”

Dead by Daylight’s next Chapter does not yet have a release date.



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