Fallout 76 Update Adds New Project Paradise Event

Fallout 76 has been chugging right along with its Wild Appalachia content, and while the game may still suffer from some issues, those playing the game are still enjoying themselves. That said, the title has officially received another update that tackles a few of the wasteland's problems, but it has also added something new - the Project Paradise event. Despite the name of the event, what actually takes place might not be very paradise-like as it will involve a bit of research. Then again, would anyone traversing the radioactive wastelands of digital West Virginia expect any sort of paradise?

In the notes for patch 9.5, Bethesda outlined everything that is either new or changed with Fallout 76. The main attraction this time around, however, is the new event, which takes place in Biome Labs. This can be found beneath Arktos Pharma in the Forest region. Once inside the building, head to the elevator and take it down to the labs. "Product research has never been so wild," reads the patch notes. "Aid Arktos Pharma with their experiments on the Appalachian creatures that inhabit the labs and you’ll be rewarded with new loot and XP."

It is also worth noting that the enemies encountered during the event are level 50 and over, so you may not want to head straight there if you are just getting out of the Vault. Player Vending Machines have also received a bit of a tweak. According to the patch notes, "The 'Inspect' option can now be used to view additional details about items in other players’ Vending Machines, making it easier to find that perfect Legendary for your collection." In addition to all of this, some bugs have also been fixed, and you can find the list below:


  • Scrapping: Fixed an issue that could cause an unintended item to be scrapped when rapidly scrapping items.
  • Vending: Fixed a rare issue that could prevent a player from purchasing items from another player’s Vending Machine under specific circumstances.
  • Vending: Reaching the maximum C.A.M.P. budget no longer prevents the player from assigning items to their Vending Machines.


  • Weekly: Fixed an issue in which Survival Mode Weekly Challenges could be completed in Adventure Mode.
  • World: Taking a picture of a frog with the ProSnap Deluxe now correctly counts toward Herpetologist World Challenge progress.
  • World: Building a frog habitat now correctly counts toward Herpetologist World Challenge progress.
  • World: Updated the wording on several Tadpole Badge World Challenges to help clarify the objective.


  • Apparel: Fixed an issue in which some Apparel items were incorrectly providing +1 Damage Resistance when equipped.
  • Floor Décor: Cat and Deathclaw Topiaries can no longer be built if they have not yet been unlocked in the Atomic Shop.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit that could cause the High Capacity Backpack mod to become duplicated.


  • Loading: Addressed a rare issue that could prevent players from loading into a world after using Player Vending Machines.
  • Stability: Fixed an issue that could cause the PC game client to crash.


  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit that could allow players to earn the rewards from the Athletics and Swimming Tests multiple times.
  • Miscellaneous: The objective to "Investigate Seismic Activity," obtained from the Personal Terminal, now correctly completes upon reaching the Purveyor’s shop.
  • Miscellaneous: Fixed an issue that could cause an error message to appear after selecting Biv’s entry in the Personal Terminal’s Daily Planner.
  • Pioneer Scouts: Completing Stings and Things, Operation Tidy, and Campfire Tales will no longer award Possum Badges to players who have not yet been promoted to the Possum rank.

Fallout 76 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For even more on the game, check out some of our latest coverage right here.