Fortnite Teases a Michael Jordan Collaboration

Fortnite is already moving on to another collaboration, and it’s one that’s just as surprising as the other events. From the looks of it, it seems as though Epic Games has struck a deal with NBA legend Michael Jordan and his Air Jordan brand. An image which appeared in the game’s message feed that updates frequently to tease upcoming events and features showed the logo for Jordan’s brand next to the Fortnite logo.

It doesn’t look like this is a straight-up crossover with the NBA since it would’ve had a logo for basketball league instead, but seeing some type of content from Jordan’s brand seems like a safe bet tomorrow. The image below was shared in the Message of the Day system around the same time that the official Fortnite account tweeted a series of emojis to hint at the collaboration.

Drop in tomorrow. 🐐🏀👟🔻 from r/FortNiteBR

With how popular the athlete’s clothing brand is, you can imagine how well in-game cosmetics would sell if there was anything remotely related to Jordan’s brand in the game. Getting a full skin that features a pair of Jordans and maybe some back bling or other content would have people dropping some more V-Bucks on the purchases in no time.


It’s less likely that we’ll get an actual skin of Jordan in the game, though there’s always the possibility that’ll happen. The John Wick crossover event put the franchise’s protagonist in the game as an actual skin, but that one makes a bit more sense seeing how Wick is in the business of shooting people anyway. Assuming the NBA isn’t involved, it’s also less likely that we’ll see one of Jordan’s actual jerseys added as a skin.

Whatever the crossover event might entail, we’ll know more about it soon. Following the teaser that first hinted at the release of the event, Epic Games tweeted again through the Fortnite account to announce the downtime for when the next update will be released. This one will experience “extended downtime,” but after it’s completed, we should know all about the crossover.