Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2020 Pre-Orders Are Live


Wizards of the Coast recently announced that the Magic: The Gathering Core Set for 2020 will arrive on July 12th. If you want the set on your doorstep on day one, you can make it happen as early as today, June 20th.

Pre-orders for the physical Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2020 are up and running on Amazon now for the Booster Box ($100 - 36 packs) and the M20 Bundle ($33.92 - 10 packs). Note that you won't be charged until the items ship, and you'll automatically get any discounts that occur between the time you order and the release date.

If you haven't been keeping up with the previews, you should know that Chandra Nalaar will be the set's red planeswalker, and the only one of the five planeswalkers to have an uncommon and rare card. The rest of the lineup includes Sorin Markov as the black planeswalker, Vivien Reid as the green planeswalker, Mu Yanling as the blue planeswalker, and Ajani Goldmane as the white planeswalker.


However, the five Planeswalker decks are only one of the changes coming with the Core Set 2020. Wizards of the Coast has outlined 15 of these changes, which you can find below:

  1. This Set Has More Foils — The chances of opening up a foil card in a booster box has increased from 1 in 67 to 1 in 45
  2. Bundle Gets an Upgrade — Core Set 2020 Bundles come with twenty foil lands, an alternate-art foil promo card, and an oversized Spindown life counter.
  3. Schedule Your Events When Your Kit Arrives — Kits usually arrive around the time card previews start, which triggers a spike in Store and Event Locator traffic. If you don't have events scheduled, you simply won't appear.
  4. Friday Prerelease! — Wizards will test, for the first time ever, Friday Prereleases. Prerelease events will begin on Friday, July 5th at 3 p.m. local time.
  5. First-Ever Commander Event Aug 24–25 — Magic Weekend coincides with the release of Commander 2019. It will be accompanied by events with Commander variants with achievement cards.
  6. There are 5 Planeswalker Decks — Instead of the typical two Planeswalker Decks. Each one has a foil planeswalker card not found anywhere else, plus one M20 booster pack (down from the usual two to lower the price), and codes to unlock the entire deck on Magic Arena.
  7. Planeswalker Decks for Sale at Open House June 29–30 — WPN members participating in Core Set 2020 Open House can sell a limited number of Planeswalker Decks during the event.
  8. Spellslinger Starter Kit—Reduced Cost — The kit still contains two entry-level decks, two life counters, and two foil cards, but the price has been reduced to make it more enticing for new players.
  9. WPN Premium Icon Goes Live in Store and Event Locator — Qualified stores will have the WPN Premium seal next to their events in the Store and Event Locator. This gives those stores priority in search results, based on their proximity to the user.
  10. Premium-Only Test Events: Best-of-1 Events, Drafts at Prerelease — The first two experiments available only to Premium stores.
    1. Best-of-one events will run in Premium locations between August 1st and September 15th.
    2. Premium stores will have an extra case of boosters in their Prerelease allocation, specifically to run drafts. So, roughly six drafts worth of product, with prize support (excludes Europe).
  11. Magic Arena Codes at FNM August 16 (US & Canada Only) — WPN members who have signed up for M20 FNM will receive Magic Arena code cards to hand out to players on August 16th.
  12. "London" Mulligan Goes Official — As announced previously.
  13. Introduction of Universal Promo Packs (with Japanese War of the Spark Planeswalkers) — Promo packs have promo-stamped rares and foils, as well the Japanese-only alternate-art planeswalkers.
  14. New Welcome Decks — The annual refresh for the upcoming Open House events.
  15. 15. New Buy-a-Box Allocations — Starting with M20, Buy-a-Box promos will be allocated in quantities based on Tickets and Engaged Player totals.

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